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Care Management

Interactive hypnosis coaching

Resolve personal and professional conflicts methodically and immersively.

Preventive health talks

Find pre-emptive solutions to private and professional conflict, health challenges and stress. (For private individuals)


Individual or case supervision for quality assurance purposes. (For case managers and social advisors)

Budget and debt advice

Comprehensive analysis of your situation with budget tools, savings proposals (e.g. with the health insurance premium) and holistic advice on balancing both financial and healthcare needs. (For private individuals/employees)

Nutrition coaching and support when changing eating habits

Individual advice and support (in person or online) – from shopping together to preparing food. Includes comprehensive analysis of needs and follow-up. (For private individuals, employees and employers)

Professional and personal integration advice and support

Conducted on behalf of social welfare agencies and/or work integration companies, including cantonal orders from DI (disability insurance) offices. (For migrants)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances do we replace consultation with a specialist, therapist or lawyer. We position ourselves as a preventive and tailor-made range of consultation services. On professional grounds, we will not accept cases involving pathological symptoms without the involvement of a family doctor or specialist (e.g. psychologist, psychiatrist and/or therapist). In such cases, we can support and advise you in your search for a suitable specialist. We know how difficult it is to find a specialist who is recognised by the health insurance company and who works well with you. We would be pleased to assist you.