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Client testimonials

Client testimonials

PostFinance AG, Bern, 6 May 2019

“Mr Heinrich has in-depth expertise and extensive experience, which he successfully puts into practice. He is highly competent in his area of responsibility and thinks and acts in a cohesive manner, with foresight. Even under time pressure, he works swiftly, confidently and effectively under stressful conditions. He has extraordinary skills at handling demanding clients with special requirements. His communication is factual yet empathetic.”

Roger Lötscher, Head of HR Development & Marketing
Christiane Herre, Head of Training & Development


Swissport International AG, Station Zurich Airport, Zurich Airport, 31 January 2015

“Mr Heinrich has an independent and thorough way of working, which contributes to his first-class results. Particularly noteworthy is the prevention training project ‘How to deal with addictions’ and his conceptual skills, which he uses when preparing this training. He underpinned his skills with the SVEB 1 & 2 adult education courses.”

“Mr Heinrich knows how to deal with the concerns of his clientele skilfully and with great sensitivity and showed a customer-centric approach when providing consulting services to airport partners.”

Cordula Hofmann, Vice President of Human Resources & Development
Michael Blösch, Head of Health Management


Hirslanden Foundation – Social Pedagogy Centre for Young Women, Zurich, 2 November 2009

“Mr Heinrich treated the young women with sensitivity, authentic interest, commitment, respect and sympathy. He also knew how to set limits – where necessary – and make clear, understandable demands. He challenged and encouraged the young women appropriately and according to their level of development.”

“As part of an organisational development, Mr Heinrich was very much involved in a working group on the subject of professionalisation of the entire IT area of the institution. He made a significant contribution to the development of a new IT tool and the successful introduction of IT-based journal reporting.”

Heidi Bühler, Managing Director
Susan Fischbacher, Head of Department