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Our hourly rate is CHF 150

For private customers, we offer the following packages for effective cost management:

3 hours for CHF 400 (a saving of CHF 50)
6 hours for CHF 800 (a saving of CHF 100)
9 hours for CHF 1,200 (a saving of CHF 150)
12 hours for CHF 1,600 (a saving of CHF 200)

Expenses, including travel expenses, are calculated separately or by arrangement.

If there are more than two no-shows or late cancellations (less than 24 hours’ notice) within a six-month period, we will charge an hourly rate of CHF 150 as of the third instance.

We will be pleased to customise a workshop solution on request.

We guarantee full transparency in our fees, with realistic cost estimates communicated in full beforehand.

With our business model and experience, a complex case takes around 15 hours to process and monitor. That means we can currently guarantee a cost ceiling of CHF 2,500 per case.

Our services cannot be billed for under health insurance. Under certain circumstances, however, they may be deducted as medical expenses for tax purposes, according to cantonal guidelines.