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Team & Partners

Team & Partners

Remo Heinrich
Founder and CEO of SUNREMO


Born in the Swiss town of Baar in 1975, Remo Heinrich has a background in travel consulting, marketing and customer services. He first connected with the world of health and wellness via a course in Chinese medicine and naturopathic practice in Sydney in 2000. Back in Switzerland, he became expat supervisor at Le Concierge Services GmbH in Zug, where he helped foreign managers and their families integrate in Switzerland, after which he managed Special Assistance in Swissport lounges at Zurich Airport. In addition, he completed his professional baccalaureate before starting further training as a social worker/social pedagogue at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich in March 2005.

Remo Heinrich wrote his thesis in 2008 on the topic of “Group-specific health prevention in the greater Zurich area”, for which he was awarded a distinction. While studying for his bachelor’s degree, he completed two six-month internships: as a social worker at the Family and Youth Counselling Centre in Zurich-Kloten in cooperation with the then guardianship authority (today KESB) and as a social pedagogue at Rötel children’s home in Zurich. From January 2008 to October 2009, he worked as a social pedagogue at an inpatient crisis intervention centre for young women at the Hirslanden Foundation in Zurich.
In November 2009, he returned to Zurich Airport to work as a social consultant, case manager and deputy head in the Health Management department. It was there that Remo connected with Chinedu Osben Alamezie over a campaign on the nutritional behaviour of shift workers and over a shared passion for health.

In February 2015, Remo Heinrich joined PostFinance AG as Senior Case Manager, or, in his words, “as a social worker at a bank.” In 2020, at the age of 45, Remo Heinrich decided to set up his own consulting firm in partnership with Chinedu – leveraging digital transformation for the greater good. The goal? To refocus our lives on “the essentials” and return to a healthy, loving approach to one’s self and the environment.

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Chinedu Osben Alamezie
Nutrition and Migration Coach at SUNREMO


Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1979, Chinedu Osben Alamezie learned early on how to overcome adversity with diligence and perseverance. After a challenging period at school, he became a self-made man, first as an accountant and teacher, and by 19, a successful businessman in local retail. Limited by Nigeria’s economic opportunities, he set off for Europe at 23 and arrived in Zurich through relatives and friends with his earnings and a visa.
Chinedu Osben Alamezie joined Autogrill Schweiz AG at the airport in Zurich, and quickly worked his way up to team leader. From 2010 to 2015, he completed his degree in business management at the University of East London, after which he struck out as an independent entrepreneur to launch SUNREMO.ONE Center in partnership with Remo.

With an affinity for cooking, familiarity with multiple international dietary habits and a lifelong interest in nutrition, Chinedu has been helping people grow their awareness of the connection between eating habits and physical/mental wellness. Vegan since 2015, he shares and champions unlocking the benefits of plant power, but advises on nutritional concerns for everyone.

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Network of partners

Fitness and nutrition

Nik Huber
Owner and managing director of FNH Personal Training, ex-professional sportsman, lecturer at SAFS (Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports), cookbook author, etc.

Andi Handke
Chef, vocational teacher and member of Social Gastronomy and Cuisine sans frontières


Dr. med. Claudia Bernardini
Senior physician for internal medicine, Arud Centre for Addiction Medicine

Dr. med. Roberto Pirrotta
Consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist (FMH – Swiss Medical Association), 
consulting and liaison psychiatry

Dr. med. Flavia Curreli
Junior doctor at Bülach Hospital

Complementary medicine

Kim Zimmermann-Chan
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ruth Renz
Dental hygienist with a holistic approach


Hélène Weidmann
Lawyer, LL.M. New York University,
partner at BianchiSchwald

Human resources, training, development & coaching

Loredana Quercia Amrein 
Senior Specialist Management Development & Change at Allianz Suisse

Stefanie Tschupp
Business coach and personnel consultant

Our network of partners is constantly growing.