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About us

About Us

“We help you to recharge your physical and mental batteries – 365 days a year”

SUNREMO is a social profit company with visionary foresight. Our service portfolio is based on three business areas and two pioneering projects:

Case management is the successful coordination of individual cases in the event of illness and accident under social security law, with full legal confidentiality and data protection

Care management helps you to clear your head and heart space with our traditional and newly designed consultation solutions for everyday mental and wellness issues.

Motivational workshops: memorable and refreshing group training on current topics with the aim of maximal learning with minimal time investment.

Digitization project: Swiss Case Management App and the bet to save at least 1.5 billion Swiss francs in health costs per year.

Development assistance project: 4.0: «SUNREMO.ONE Center – Lagos, Nigeria». A holistic and digitally networked fitness, nutrition and healthcare centre building bridges between Switzerland and Africa, with fitness equipment that can produce electricity.

For us, SUN stands for all the powerful, health-promoting and energetic properties of the actual sun. SUN (Xun) also stands for “gentleness” in the Chinese I-Ching and the corresponding symbol from the Book of Changes:

The acronym REMO reflects our focus on 4 essential key skills for a happy life:


In partnership with like-minded individuals and organisations worldwide, we are committed to positive change, equality, tolerance, fairness and transparency.

Our aim is to promote peaceful, sustainable health for people and the planet, so that finite resources – both material and immaterial – benefit not just the few, but everyone.