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SUNREMO.ONE Center – Lagos, Nigeria

SUNREMO.ONE Center – Lagos, Nigeria

In 2020 we will launch our lighthouse project in Lagos, Nigeria, where personal wellness and ecological protection come together in an innovative way. This pioneering “development aid 4.0” project converts fitness energy into real, tangible credit for electricity – your energy charges up the world, for the greater good.

Energy credits are divided into three:

1/3 goes towards the SUNREMO.ONE Center’s electricity bill.

1/3 belongs to the customer, who can either use it immediately to charge their cell phone or power bank for example, or convert it into points and save it, redeem it or give it away to another club member worldwide.

1/3 must be invested in a green investment – for your own future and that of the next generation.

We will also promote a holistic lifestyle “for the greater good” with vegan cuisine, a cookbook “à la Mazie Food” and a YouTube channel. We’re also creating a sustainable fitness outfit line with recycled fabrics from young Nigerian designers (cooperating with NIKE Art Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria – see teaser video).

Part of the proceeds will go directly to the further development and expansion of this project.